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@@ -204,8 +204,18 @@ The following parameters are recognized by Slackware Live Edition. To boot with
The default is 4 for graphical login.
kbd=fr xkb=ch,fr => Example of custom X keyboard layout.
+ The parameter xkb can be set to "XkbLayout,XkbVariant,XkbOptions".
The boot menus will configure some of these for you but you can
of course always modify the values.
+ Note that the optional XkbOptions can be several comma-separated values.
+ The XkbLayout and XkbVariant values must not contain commas.
+ You can set just the XkbVariant by adding something like "kbd=ch xkb=,fr"
+For example "xkb=ch,fr,compose:sclk,grp:alt_shift_toggle"
+Note that the XkbOptions can be several comma-separated values.
+The XkbLayout and XkbVariant values must not contain commas.
+You can still set just the XkbVariant by adding something like "kbd=ch xkb=,fr"
livepw="somestring" => Change the password for user "live".
The password is passed as a cleartext string.
@@ -553,7 +563,9 @@ The script's parameters are:
-t <doc|mandoc> Trim the ISO (remove man and/or doc).
-v Show debug/error output.
-z version Define your Slackware version (default: current).
+ -G Generate ISO file from existing directory tree
-H hostname Hostname of the Live OS (default: darkstar).
+ -M Add multilib (x86_64 only).
-O outfile Custom filename for the ISO.
-R runlevel Runlevel to boot into (default: 4).
-X Use xorriso instead of mkisofs/isohybrid.
@@ -582,6 +594,7 @@ You can create your own custom Live OS by changing its characteristics in the co
* The name of the Desktop variant (the script itself knows SLACKWARE, PLASMA5, XFCE, MATE and CINNAMON),
* The list(s) of packages used for your custom distribution,
+ * The name of the useraccount (by default that is "live"),
* The name of the distribution (by default that is "slackware"),
* And finally you can define a function "custom_config()" where you can add all your costom post-installation steps that are not covered in the "make_slackware_live.sh" script itself.
@@ -601,6 +614,10 @@ This is the section in ''make_slackware_live.conf'' which deals with these custo
# Your custom distro name (will reflect in boot screen & filenames):
+# Name of the 'live' user account in the Live image:
# Marker used for finding the Slackware Live files: