BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterREADME: refreshed Eric Hameleers35 hours
dlackDLACK: improve first-boot experience. Eric Hameleers5 years
1.5.1liveslak-1.5.1.tar.gz  liveslak-1.5.1.tar.xz   Eric Hameleers5 weeks
1.5.0liveslak-1.5.0.tar.gz  liveslak-1.5.0.tar.xz   Eric Hameleers2 months  liveslak-   Eric Hameleers3 months  liveslak-   Eric Hameleers3 months
1.4.0liveslak-1.4.0.tar.gz  liveslak-1.4.0.tar.xz   Eric Hameleers3 months
1.3.10liveslak-1.3.10.tar.gz  liveslak-1.3.10.tar.xz   Eric Hameleers4 months  liveslak-   Eric Hameleers5 months  liveslak-   Eric Hameleers6 months  liveslak-   Eric Hameleers7 months  liveslak-   Eric Hameleers10 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
35 hoursREADME: refreshedHEADmaster Eric Hameleers1-8/+8
2022-01-04multilib: refresh the compat32 package list Eric Hameleers1-0/+10
2022-01-04DAW, LEAN, XFCE: add new dependency package to noxbase.lst Eric Hameleers1-0/+1
2022-01-04SeTfirewall.tpl: satisfy SCerovec's OCD. Eric Hameleers1-1/+1
2022-01-04contrib: enhance contrib/scripts/makemod_wine Eric Hameleers1-6/+16
2021-12-20Slackware Live Edition: version Eric Hameleers1-1/+1
2021-12-20Add an (optional) basic firewall configuration to setup2hd Eric Hameleers4-1/+858
2021-12-20setup2hd: small fixes Eric Hameleers2-10/+5
2021-12-20Make the boot of the LEAN ISO less verbose Eric Hameleers1-0/+1
2021-12-20LEAN: new default backdrop image Eric Hameleers3-1/+1