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author Eric Hameleers <alien@slackware.com>2021-03-06 12:22:22 +0100
committer Eric Hameleers <alien@slackware.com>2021-03-06 12:22:22 +0100
commit9107bbae89ba516154f71f17b1f8af6b99bf6be5 (patch)
parentb7cc5b345406b09a358054ec31639527f363bceb (diff)
Change domain 'example.net' to 'home.arpa' following RFC8375
Excerpt from RFC 8375 (https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc8375): Users and devices within a home network (hereafter referred to as "homenet") require devices and services to be identified by names that are unique within the boundaries of the homenet [RFC7368]. The naming mechanism needs to function without configuration from the user. While it may be possible for a name to be delegated by an ISP, homenets must also function in the absence of such a delegation. This document reserves the name 'home.arpa.' to serve as the default name for this purpose, with a scope limited to each individual homenet.
3 files changed, 4 insertions, 4 deletions
diff --git a/README.txt b/README.txt
index 1bb8b9c..5571787 100644
--- a/README.txt
+++ b/README.txt
@@ -352,7 +352,7 @@ cfg=[skip|write] =>
to disk.
domain=your_custom_domain =>
- Specify a custom domain name. Defaults to 'example.net'.
+ Specify a custom domain name. Defaults to 'home.arpa'.
hostname=your_custom_hostname[,qualifier] =>
Specify a custom hostname. A qualifier 'fixed' can be appended
diff --git a/liveinit.tpl b/liveinit.tpl
index 79da5bb..eb54b35 100644
--- a/liveinit.tpl
+++ b/liveinit.tpl
@@ -1189,7 +1189,7 @@ EOPW
if [ -z "$LIVE_DOMAIN" ]; then
# No custom domain on the boot commandline:
- LIVE_DOMAIN="example.net"
+ LIVE_DOMAIN="home.arpa"
if [ ! -z "$LIVE_HOSTNAME" ]; then
diff --git a/make_slackware_live.sh b/make_slackware_live.sh
index 8fb45eb..04bf07f 100755
--- a/make_slackware_live.sh
+++ b/make_slackware_live.sh
@@ -1514,12 +1514,12 @@ else
# Configure hostname and network:
-echo "${LIVE_HOSTNAME}.example.net" > ${LIVE_ROOTDIR}/etc/HOSTNAME
+echo "${LIVE_HOSTNAME}.home.arpa" > ${LIVE_ROOTDIR}/etc/HOSTNAME
if [ -f ${LIVE_ROOTDIR}/etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf ]; then
sed -i -e "s/^hostname=.*/hostname=${LIVE_HOSTNAME}/" \
-sed -e "s/^\(\t*\)darkstar.*/\1${LIVE_HOSTNAME}.example.net ${LIVE_HOSTNAME}/" \
+sed -e "s/^\(\t*\)darkstar.*/\1${LIVE_HOSTNAME}.home.arpa ${LIVE_HOSTNAME}/" \
-i ${LIVE_ROOTDIR}/etc/hosts
# Make sure we can access DNS straight away: